The Center For Spiritual Leadership                        “Those people not governed by God shall be ruled by tyrants”....Wm Penn                                PRESENTS                Christian Soldiers Of America     Communists and other Socialists in violation of Christian principles??  You may not have known of the Democratic Party’s alliance with the Communist Party     when you voted in 2008. Now, your knowledge of the Bible and your experience with this administration’s policies, gives you no excuse in 2012. It should be     evident to you that something is wrong. Christians are being deceived in many of our churches today. It has been the plan of the communists for many decades.         It’s an ingenious plan! The enemy has, as intended, infiltrated our government and many of our Divinity schools, slightly changing our understanding of God’s      requirements of us in order to bring communism to America. More importantly, this Communist Master Plan for America is putting your salvation in jeopardy!.       With about 80% of Americans professing to be Christians, how did we elect a President who promotes Marxist principles, appoints self-proclaimed
An Open Letter To Pastors And PASTORS REGISTRY   A follow-up to the Pastors Policy Briefing Greenville, SC   December, 2011
    The Purpose of this site                                             The Communist Party’s             45 Goals to Overthrow America                             Communism in The Church                                                           Social Religion-             Satan’s Version of Christianity                             Religion, Politics and Salvation                                       You Can’t Be A Democrat &                               A TRUE Christian                                 The Communist Manifesto        ALL 10 Planks Now In American Law                          Click Here                                So, You Say You Are Saved                                                                                   (In the Members Area) Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?                         (In the Members Area)                               Who Are You... Really?               (this is the GEM of the series)                        (In the Members Area)       Member’s Area        The brief audios on this page are designed to get you to think about your reality. Its enough to make a sincere Christian want to do some homework.        Has God’s Will for us changed? Then why has the message?   The will of man has replaced the Will of God in many of our churches- and it’s intentional!  Our Members Area takes these topics, and others, and convincingly documents the deceptions introduced into our seminaries during the 20th Century by the Communist Party. Are you being led down the narrow road to the gate that leads to salvation, or are you and your pastor being misled down a road you were told is the narrow one?       Our Members Area documents Satan’s efforts to mislead Christ’s followers, give them a false sense of security, and get them to accept the ungodly doctrine of Socialism as if it were a Christian principle.       Until 2013 this website will concentrate on the November elections because the reformation needed by the church will take too long. It will be more effective in the short term to alert Christians to the Communist Party’s alliance with the Democratic Party that many Christians support, and how the Communists influencd Christianity in order to get their support.     America’s Freedom of Religion is at stake in the short run, but more importantly, your eternity is at stake!      Next year, if this website is not blocked, we will concentrate on reviving the churches with your help.    Our You use it, need it or want it!     Buy it here at a discount. RECOMMENDED WEBSITES                           SPIRITUAL             Brain Food